Antedating of "Plate Tectonics"

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        Science has this slightly earlier:  "If one considers the
mountain-trend configurations of the Scotia Arc and the Antarctic
Peninsula in relation to ocean-floor spreading (7) and considers
continental drift in the light of plate tectonics (8), displacement of
the Ellsworth Mountains can readily be explained."  164 Sci. 63, 64
(Apr. 4, 1969).  Earlier citations presumably would be found in the
references listed in note 8, to which I do not have access:  "J. R.
Heirtzler, Sci. Amer. 219, 60 (Dec. 1968); ----, G. O. Dickson, E. M.
Herron, W. C. Pitman III, X. Le Pichon, J. Geophys. Res. 73, 2119
(1968); X. Le Pichon ibid., p. 3661; J. T. Wilson, Trans. Amer. Phil.
Soc. Proc. 112, 309 (1968)."

John Baker

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plate tectonics (OED 1969 Aug.)

1969 _Nature_ 31 May 816  The success of the deep drilling programmes
and the development of plate tectonics in the past few months have
clearly concentrated thinking.

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