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> Subject: ADS Media Contacts
> Dear American Dialect Society colleagues,
> As we near the words of the year vote in January, I'd like to remind
> ADS members that we have a media contacts page on the ADS web site.
> Journalists use this page throughout the year to find someone to talk
> to about matters concerning language, linguistics, dictionaries,
> accents, dialects, etc., but they are especially interested in it at
> the time of the LSA/ADS meeting.
> <>
> All ADS members are invited to be listed on that page (if you're not
> an ADS member, please see the web site for membership information--
> it's cheap!). International members are encouraged to participate.
> It is, in my opinion, far preferable to have an ADS member quoted by
> the press on such topics, first because they're more likely to get
> information right (though there's never any telling what will appear
> on the other end of editing), and second because if they don't get it
> right, we know who to josh and kid.
> I receive four or five media contacts a month from this page; your
> mileage may vary. Other members already on the list report similar
> results. While I think you should always mention your ADS
> affiliation, it is entirely acceptable to use such media
> conversations to mention your own projects.
> To participate, please send me the following details, keeping
> everything brief and precise.
> Your name.
> Preferred professional title(s). Two titles max.
> Professional affiliations. Employer, leadership roles, etc.
> Credentials. Degrees, training, professional experience, etc.
> Areas of expertise. Be specific: "language" or "English" are too
> broad, "English as a second language" or "gender bias in slang" are
> better.
> Key publications. Not your entire CV, please. Remember you're
> bridging the gap between specialists and the public.
> Contact information. At the very least, this should be your email
> address. Phone numbers are highly recommended. If you have one, your
> web site will be linked to, so please include it.
> Thanks,
> Grant Barrett
> administrator at
> American Dialect Society
> VP of Comm and Tech

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