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> REGGAETON--2,330,000 Google hits
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> Jim Farber explains 2005 in music, citing "hurban" (found in Double Tongued
> Word Wrester) and "reggaeton" (not in Double Tongued Word Wrester?).

Well, it did make the runner-up list for NOAD WOTY:

Here are a few early print references to go with the Usenet cites that
Barry gave:

[2001 _El Diario La Prensa_ 22 June 32 (ProQuest) Luego que su CD
saliera al mercado a fines del año pasado, le han llovido ofertas para
colaborar en reconocidas producciones del ambiente del rap y el
reggaeton de Puerto Rico, entre estas The Buddha's Family.]

2002 _Miami New Times_ 9 May (ProQuest/Nexis) In Puerto Rico, however,
rap and its newest incarnation, reggaetón, a less lyrical, more
danceable Spanish rap infused with Jamaican beats, have become an
unprecedented success story.

2002 _Billboard_ 11 May 3 (Factiva/Nexis) The success of Puerto Rican
rap, or reggaeton as it is known among its consumers, can be
attributed to a mix of socially conscious lyrics that reflect the
low-class lifestyle and a modern version of the contagious
Jamaican-rhythm called reggae dancehall.

--Ben Zimmer

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