Early WOTY Nominations Posted

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sun Dec 25 16:55:11 UTC 2005

At 8:41 AM -0500 12/25/05, Grant Barrett wrote:
>I've posted early words-of-the-year nominations from Wayne Glowka,
>David Barnhart, and me to the ADS web site:
Speaking of WOTY nominees, I thought I might have a contender when I
read yesterday's NYT piece by Grace Glueck (B13) on the emergence of
"gallerist" ('a fashionable new word...bubbling up in the New York
art scene: gallerist, as a substitute for art dealer.  Not, of
course, just any art dealer.  A gallerist is directly involved with
the care and feeding of artists, rather than with the quick turnover
of art objects.")  But despite the title of the article, "Old
Business, New Name: Behold the Gallerist", and the remarks of various
interviewees polled therein, it turns out not to be such a new name
after all:  416 "Major Papers" hits on Nexis, going back to 1987,
although that's the only one pre-1991.  Still, doesn't quite make the
WOTY cut...


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