skiffle, v. (1935)

Benjamin Zimmer bgzimmer at BABEL.LING.UPENN.EDU
Wed Dec 28 07:38:48 UTC 2005

skiffle, v. 'enjoy oneself at a skiffle party (= rent party)'

1935 _Chicago Defender_ 28 Sep. 2/3 The squawk comes when the young
missus wants to get off to herself where she can "skiffle" when hubby
is at work.
[HNP Doc ID 761067352]

1935 _Chicago Defender_ 28 Dec. 4/3 Kids ditching grade school to
"skiffle" at "Doggie" and Thelma Hunter's house at 37th and Vernon
[HNP Doc ID 761124702]

(Both cites from Dan Burley's "Back Door Stuff" column.)

--Ben Zimmer

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