rug-cutter, rug-cutting (1935)

Benjamin Zimmer bgzimmer at BABEL.LING.UPENN.EDU
Wed Dec 28 08:09:20 UTC 2005

1935 _Chicago Defender_ 8 June 7/5 "Wash" got his nickname when some
rug-cutters asked him to play fast and he replied, "Dance double
[HNP Doc ID 745265862]

1935 _Chicago Defender_ 12 Oct. 9/5 If "Dig that high-jivin' chick
layin' here racket over at my crib, with those conked rug-cutters"
isn't Harlemese for "Look at that ritzy miss trying to make an
impression in my home with those slick-haired ballroom dancers" then
sue the fellow who told me it was.
[HNP Doc ID 761075942]

1935 _Chicago Defender_ 19 Oct. 14/3 Psychic aspects of rugcutting: --
Herein we have no intention of presenting the sociological side of the
engrossing art of "cutting rugs," (i.e. any type of dancing in which
much sweat exudes and little is added to the purse.) ... Evidently
devotees of rugcutting let their minds go blank once they hit the
hardwoods of the dance floor.
[HNP Doc ID 745283732]

--Ben Zimmer

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