"You can always tell a Harvard man" (1906, from Yale!)

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US Army Air Forces, 1942-45 (from memory - of something I read) :

  By the ring around his eyeball you can tell a bombardier,
  You can tell a bomber pilot by the spread across his rear,
  You can tell a navigator by his sextants, maps, and such,
  You can tell a fighter pilot, but you *can't* tell him much !

  Air: "Battle Hymn of the Republic."


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Subject: "You can always tell a Harvard man" (1906, from Yale!)

This is a year earlier than the 1907 previously posted. Maybe the Yale
archives has earlier?
For the Yale Dictionary of Quotations.
"Dean" Briggs Quotes Hadley. Other Features of Banquet. _
Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963). Chicago, Ill.: May 27, 1906. p. 4 (1
page) :
Prof. L. B. R. Briggs, who was introduced as "the dean" of Harvard
university, reminded his audience of the friendly quip of President Hadley of Yale
that "you always can tell a Harvard man when you see him, but you can't tell him

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