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Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Tue Feb 1 00:35:48 UTC 2005

>So the big question is where to put the cross reference.  I guess it
>should be at "woof" and all cites at "wolf" - even though most of the
>published ones will be spelled "woof."

Why would the published ones be spelled "woof"? I never saw it spelled that
way in a book AFAIK.

Google shows "wolf ticket" outnumbering "woof ticket" on the Web.

N'archive shows > 100 examples with "wolf", zero with "woof".

What I want to know is whether the expression has a fixed definite meaning,
or group of meanings. I can't find it in my dictionaries at a glance, and I
don't trust "Urbandictionary" et al. I've taken it to mean
"falsehood"/"bullshit" but in some cases I couldn't tell.

-- Doug Wilson

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