articles on euphemisms for sex

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One suspects that the term "frottist" has been popularized because "frotteur" and "frotteuse" are gender-specific and too hard to spell.


Laurence Horn <laurence.horn at YALE.EDU> wrote:
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At 4:13 PM -0800 1/31/05, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>Didn't Germaine Greer start the discusion in 1970 in "The Female Eunuch" ?
>As for "frottist," it's not in the OED (got that, Jesse?) but its
>august pages do contain the synonymous "frotteur," and will tell you
>all you might wish to know on the subject.

In French, of course, those who do so and are of the female
persuasion are "frotteuses" rather than "frotteurs", but this
distinction tends not to be retained in English (to judge from both
my intuition and google). "Masseuse" gets regularized in the
opposite direction; I've noticed many a reference to a "male
masseuse". Markedness strikes again!

Larry, who has certainly encountered web sites with a LOT more than
three terms for female masturbation, although how many of them are in
regular use is not clear (to me, anyway). Cf. e.g. for a hundred or so, or
just google "female masturbation terms" for other lists. Granted,
some of the lingo seems a bit...recherché.

>Susan Tamasi wrote:
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>Subject: articles on euphemisms for sex
>I was wondering if anyone could suggest some good articles to be used in a
>discussion of euphemism or slang and sex/gender/sexuality. The specific
>focus is open, but I'll mostly be discussing how terms for sex and sexuality
>reflect a different view of men and women, such as playa vs. slut, or having
>dozens of terms for male masturbation vs. about three for women, or why
>slang terms for female genitalia are so much "dirtier" than for male
>Also, can anyone give me a definition of "frottist"?
>Susan Tamasi
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>Program in Linguistics
>Emory University
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