"novel" = book-length prose account

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Beverly, the question almost answers itself.  Certainly in my case.


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Ah well, what do professors know?

At 08:59 PM 1/31/2005, you wrote:
>This has been discussed before, but here is an indisputable citation from
>a professor of English literature.
>"[Philip] Caputo's novel ["A Rumor of War"] is arguably the best US novel
>of the Vietnam War. A USMC officer in the first US Marine brigade to
>arrive in Danang, Caputo's experience mirrors that of the whole country in
>the late 60's.
>"Paper Two due at the end of this novel"
> ---Richard Schumaker, University of Maryland, European
> Division. http://faculty.ed.umuc.edu/~rschumak/ (then press "war and
> literature").
>"A Rumor of War" (1977) is an autobiographical account, catalogued by the
>L of C under "Biography" and "Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975, Personal
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