Children's chant

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> Larry Horn submits:
>> and then there was the related (via Col. Bogey rather than Disney, of
>> course) verse, discussed on the list some years ago,
>> Hitler # had only one, left ball,
>> Goering #  had two but they were small.
>> Himmler #  had something similar,
>> And Goebbals
>> Had no balls
>> At all.
> Brendan Behan quotes this in Borstal Boy.
> George A. Thompson
> Author of A Documentary History of "The African Theatre", Northwestern
> Univ. Pr., 1998, but nothing much lately.

This was also very popular as a barracks time-killer and
mood-lightener, when I was in the Army, except that it was Hitler who
had no balls at all.

There were a couple of other barracks ballads that I can't quite
recall, but which someone else may recognize.

I don't want to join the Army
I don't want to go to war
I don't want to get me arse shah-toff

A gentleman dapper
Stepped out of the crapper
Her mother never told (or "taught"?) her
The things a young girl should know

There was also a chant used only by NCO's to troops being formed up for

Dress right!
Dress and cover!
Dress and cover!
Dress it up and cover down!
Eighteen inches all around!
Dress and cover!
Dress and cover!

-Wilson Gray

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