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> At 12:11 AM -0500 2/1/05, Wilson Gray wrote:
>>  Another first: on a sitcom, I heard a white character
>> say: "It's your world. I'm just living in it."
> This has been big on ESPN's SportsCenter for a while.  A highlight
> of, say, a basketball player X making a great move is shown and the
> anchor says "It's X's world; we're just living in it."  At least
> since the late 90's.  Maybe first with Michael Jordan?  Can you help
> narrow it down, Alice?

I can't narrow it down. But, it *sounds* like a Stuart Scott-ism. Somewhere
I've saved an essay by him on why it's OK for him to use colloquial
AAVE-isms in his sportscasts. I want to say that it dates from about the
time of the Oakland Ebonics fuss, but I'm not sure.

Dunno if this adds anything to the discussion.

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