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Dave Wilton dave at WILTON.NET
Wed Feb 2 02:52:40 UTC 2005

> I don't know if anyone other than myself ever used this as a
> cynical catch phrase, but there was an NBC sitcom about 1964
> inspired, they said. by the life and writings of James Thurber
> which was called,
> "My Life and Welcome to It."

I've heard the phrase used cynically on occasion, and probably have used it

But the reference to the TV show is wrong. I knew it couldn't be 1964
because I remember it. Looking it up on IMDB, I find that the series ran
1969-70 (26 episodes) and was called, "My World and Welcome To It," which is
also the title of a 1942 Thurber book (I believe a collection of short
stories). The TV series starred William Windom in the Thurber-like role.

--Dave Wilton
  dave at wilton.net

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