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Wed Feb 2 15:36:19 UTC 2005

 From The Smoking Gun website:

Sex And The Yogi
Yankee great sues TBS for misappropriating his reputable name
 JANUARY 31--Claiming that his good name has been sullied by a "Sex and
the City" advertisement, baseball legend Yogi Berra has sued Turner
Broadcasting System for $10 million. In the below New York State Supreme
Court complaint, Berra, 79, contends that TBS improperly used his name
in outdoor ads (on buses and subway kiosks) promoting the cable
channel's reruns of the racy HBO show starring Sarah Jessica Parker.
Noting that he is a married grandfather and a "deeply religious man who
has maintained and continues to maintain a moral lifestyle," the former
New York Yankee claims that he has been tainted by the ad, which
references the loose lifestyle of "Sex" character Samantha, portrayed by
Kim Cattrall. The offensive ads, Berra reported, sought the definition
of the term "Yogasm." One of the possible definitions listed in the ad
was, "b) sex with Yogi Berra." The correct answer was "c) what Samantha
has with a guy from yoga class."

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