Have trunk, will travel (1954); Groundhog Day (1859)

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Thu Feb 3 17:55:57 UTC 2005


In today's newspaper (am-New York), someone from the UN urged people not to forget Africa, which has the "perpetual tsunamis" of war, poverty, and disease. "Tsunami" is already taking on a "holocaust"-like form.



VIDEO-RADIO BRIEFS; McCarthy Hearings on TV, Radio Schedules
Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: May 24, 1954. p. 26 (1 page):
(Photo caption)
HAVE TRUNK, WILL TRAVEL--Pinky Lee engages in a bit of elephant play with his namesake, Pinky from Moulin Rouge on KNBH (4) at 5 this afternoon.


"ProQuest Phil" didn't see his shadow, so it's eight more weeks of no updates whatsoever.

Every day of my life is Groundhog Day. Lunch is almost over--back to parking tickets.

   Portsmouth Times  Saturday, February 05, 1870 Portsmouth, Ohio
...reliable. LAST WednesDAY was "GROUND HOG" DAY. The animal saw his shadow and.....contains three and one-half acres of GROUND. The idea of establishing a City..

   Centerville Citizen  Saturday, February 03, 1872 Centerville, Iowa
...at the Method- the 2d was GROUND-HOG DAY. i Our thanks to Hon. E. J.....term of said which will be the 7th DAY of at two o'clock P. M. of saM DAY..

   Coshocton Age  Friday, February 10, 1871 Coshocton, Ohio
...niki lind yourself sin editor. GROUND HOG DAY of last week proniid-iiogduy. If.....ii runs iliiliy. Kleban Kofler "Palace DAY ami Nihill Cars run flirniiifh..

   Coshocton Age  Friday, February 07, 1868 Coshocton, Ohio
...fur i.'ilutivo documents. Last GROUND-HOG DAY kondor if ho his shadow? fice.....rail-road hicctings are tho order ,ho DAY with our neighboring counties von Id..

   Progressive Age  Wednesday, February 09, 1859 Coshocton, Ohio
...There rausl somelhlBg fn "GROUND-HOG DAY'1 aller all. -as everybody.....onr attention to (be Tact that the "GROUND bog" story coincides with a much..

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