"Watching grass grow" (Damon Runyon?)

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WATCHING GRASS GROW--12,000 Google hits, 3,330 Google Groups hits
I was just watching the Knicks game. It wasn't like watching grass  grow. It
was more like watching a train wreck. But let's discuss the  grass.
Not in OED? Not in HDAS? Not in the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations? Does
Fred want an exact Runyon cite?


_This  Morning...; This Morning . . . _
With Shirley  Povich. The Washington Post and Times Herald  (1954-1959).
Washington, D.C.: Sep 22, 1958. p. A14 (2 pages)
Page onr:
NEWPORT, R. I., Sept. 21--Damon Runyon's Guys and Dolls was merely  one of
America's legacies from that fine impressionist. He once wrote into  a ten-word
sentence a description of yacht racing that has gone ringing  down through the
years as the model of scorn for that esoteric sport with  its spinnakers,
liffs, jibs, jibes and complete reliance on windy  drafts.
Runyon was reporting his first America's Cup race. It was a switch  from his
world of the violence of the fight camps, the crash of the World  Series home
runs, the race track whirl of fast horses and whipping riders,  and the
body-assaults of football. To the slow moving yacht races he  reacted with
impatience. "Watching an America's Cup race," he wrote, "is  like watching grass grow."


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