"Scuzzcrack" & "Pimpmobile"

Wilson Gray wilson.gray at RCN.COM
Sun Feb 6 02:45:59 UTC 2005

"Har-de-har-har," to coin a phrase.:-) Actually, I'm way too old-school
for that look. In my day, the style of dress of even the gentleman of
leisure was quite conservative. And his 'chine was just a stock model
right off the showroom floor. "Pimping out" oneself and/or one's ride
is a *far* more modern concept. And any self-respecting whore (yes, I
know it's an oxymoron) of those would be embarrassed by having to go
out in public flashing as much flesh as a contemporary middle-school
girl. Not that there's anything wrong with contemporary fashion, of


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> I think, that rather than saying he owned the word "pimpmobile", he was
> saying he _owned_ a pimpmobile.  My mental picture of Wilson is now one
> of the "Huggy Bear"/Antonio Fargas sort, or maybe the "gentleman of
> leisure" played by Garret Morris in the SNL sketch, "Fred Garvin, Male
> Prostitute".
> Wilson is truly a renaissance man.
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>> I am sorry to
>> report, therefore, that any claim in favor of Wilson's unique
>> ownership of this word for copyright, trademark, or
>> servicemark purposes is likely to be staunchly contested.

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