"Three boys are no boy at all" (1850)

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_Two BOYS are half a boy, and three boys are no boy at all._
The more boys that help, the less work they do.
c. 1930...

This is too easy.

Letter concerning the New Canal.
SAMUEL. Boys' and Girls' Magazine and Fireside Companion (1848-1850). Boston: Sep 1, 1850. Vol. 6; p. 78 (3 pages)
Second page:
Uncle Joshua says that if ever he was thankful for anything, it is that you have gone out of town; and Aunt Polly says the same; for "birds of a feather will flock together," and one boy _being_ a boy, two boys half a boy, and three boys no boy at all, she has fairly made out the fact that when you and Barnabas was here there were no boys in Crowville Hollow.

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