"Politics Makes Strange Bed-Fellows"

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Here's an earlier APS one, which fits into your request for not the exact
phrase, but shows the concept was there earlier:

_The New World:  A Weekly Family Journal of Popular Literature, Science, Art
and...._ May 15, 1841; 2, 20; pg 308  **note by SC--this is a six page
article, with no page numbers showing--so I'm only saying pg 308, as that is
what APS lists at the top.  Also, my reading is that this is reprinted from
_Blackwood's Magazine_ and is a novel (called "Ten Thousand a Year" ?).

"Misery makes strange bed-fellows, but surely politics stranger still;  "


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> Let me clarify my last request: in addition to the earliest hit on
> American Periodical Series for the specific phrase "politics makes strange
> bedfellows" or "politics makes strange bed-fellows," I would be interested
> in any similar phrases in which "politics" and "strange
> bedfellows/bed-fellows" occur near each other in the same article.
> Fred Shapiro
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