SEC (See Everything Crooked); O.T. Going to Pukk

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Mon Feb 7 18:46:39 UTC 2005

SEE EVERYTHING CROOKED--20 Google hits, 1 Google Groups hit

I don't know if the next HDAS will have it.

7 February 2005, New York Post, pg. 35, col. 1:
Back in those days, the initials SEC were said to stand for "See Everything Crooked," and the big shots of Wall Street groveled before them. But that is no longer the case.


I told a co-worker that I wouldorder the Son-in-Law Tofus tonight.

CO-WORKER: You're going to puke?
CO-WORKER: Are you going to puke NOW?
POPIK: No, not for lunch. I'm going to puke tonight.
Co-WORKER: Are you going to puke with anyone?
POPIK: No. I'm going to puke by myself.

OK, lunch is almost up.
The creators of the stylish Thai restaurants Highline and Peep have expanded their roster. Pukk (in Thai, it means "vegetable") opened this week at 71 First Ave. (between Fourth and Fifth Sts.). The vegetarian menu includes pad Thai, curries, noodle and tofu dishes. Designed as a mix of new and old, the 36-seat dining room boasts an ultramodern bright-white and lime-green color scheme as well as a floating Buddha.

Joe Dziemianowicz and Rachel Wharton

Originally published on January 20, 2005

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