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From: Verna <FORIGI_FORIGI at>
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Re: Academic/scientific journals in Esperanto?
Date: Mon Feb 07 11:19:40 PST 2005

Christopher Culver wrote:

  >>Manuel M Campagna wrote [re references to zamenhof]:

  >>1. This is an ad hominem argument, therefore it is invalid.

  > It isn't an ad hominem argument to state that a language created by a
  > sole man is different than a language created by natural cultural
  > processes. The many linguists here on sci.lang would be pleased to
  > show you how Esperanto differs.

It is wrong to assume, or to spout off as factual, that the English
language was created by any "natural cultural processes.", this is only
one of several subscribed hypotheses by language scientist.  Some
linguistic archaeologist indeed have been able to demonstrate that the
English language its self is in fact an unnatural man-made language.
This language having been invented by sophisticated grammaratitions and
religious-orders of the time to subjugate the local peoples in the area
into a single national entity, schismatic of other neighboring tribes
and nations that spoke reciprocal languages - an insidious linguistical
strategy of divide and conquer - ancient and effective.

arnold, your sophisticated grammaratition

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