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Ben writes:

"Reet, Petite, and Gone" (the Louis Jordan song and the movie of the same
name) didn't appear until 1947.  More likely, the Down Beat article was
referencing Cab Calloway's 1941 song "Are You All Reet?", a compendium of
hep-cat slang...

What about Gene Krupa?

Title: Wire brush stomp
Author(s): Krupa, Gene, 1909-1973.  (Performer - prf); O'Day, Anita. ; (Performer - prf); Daye, Irene. ; (Performer - prf); DuLany, Howard. ; (Performer - prf); Watson, Leo,; 1898-1950. ; (Performer - prf)
Publication: [United States] :; Bandstand Records,
Year: 1974, 1938
Description: 1 sound disc :; analog, 33 1/3 rpm ;; 12 in.
Language: English
Music Type: Jazz; Multiple forms; Popular music
Standard No: Publisher: BS-7117; Bandstand
Contents: The madame swings it -- Jam on toast -- Bolero at the Savoy -- Murdy purdy -- Nagasaki -- Some like it hot -- Meet the beat of my heart -- Marchetta -- Symphony in riffs -- Alreet -- Wire brush stomp -- Slow down -- Flamingo -- Manhattan transfer -- Watch the birdie -- The big do.

Title: [Songs /
Author(s): Calloway, Cab, 1907- ; Palmer, Jack. ; Clark, Allan. ; Mills, Irving,; 1894-1985. ; (Lyricist - lyr); Gaskill, Clarence,; 1892-1947. ; Akst, Harry,; 1894-1963. ; (Lyricist - lyr); Arlen, Harold,; 1905-1986. ; Koehler, Ted,; 1894-1973. ; (Lyricist - lyr); Parish, Mitchell. ; (Lyricist - lyr); Perkins, Frank,; 1908- ; Bloom, Rube. ; Redman, Don. ; Ram, Buck. ; Stone, Jessie,; 1901- ; Fowler, Lem. ; Davis, Benny,; 1895-1979. ; Coots, J. Fred,; 1897- ; Gibson, Andy,; 1913-1961. ; Theard, Sam,; 1904- ; Nemo, Henry,; 1914- ; (Lyricist - lyr)
Year: 1931-1942
Description: 11 scores :; ill. (some col.) ;; 32 cm. or smaller.
Language: English
Music Type: Songs
Contents: Are yow in love with me again? -- Are yow all reet! -- Cab Calloway's jive jubilee of songs -- I like music -- Jonah joins the Cab -- The Jumpin' jive (Hep-hep!) -- Lady with the fan -- Lavender languor -- Minnie the moocher (The Ho de ho song) -- The Seat song (Scat 'n 'skeet 'n' hi de hi) (2 copies).

by Donald M. Hines
Norwood Editions

I've been looking at this book. Lots of nice stuff.

Pg. 40:
"What did the children of Isreal eat in the desert?--They ate the sand which is (sandwiches) there."
(CC4 #39, 21 June 1889 p. 6 FUNNY SIDE OF LIFE); cf. Loomis, "Wordplay," p. 239: "Why do people go to Gibb's and to California? Because of the _sand_-_which_-_is_ there (29 December 1848)."

Pg. 106:
"A lean agreement is better than a fat law suit." (WWU 8 #29, 21 Oct 1876 p 4, PROVERBS OF THE AGES [ITAL.].) Cf. Oxford 314 I11.

Pg. 131:
"Better to be a live coward than a dead hero." (Heard during 1961 from Mr. Ben Ensely, Tualatin, Ore.) Cf. Brown I 388; cf. Barbour 41 #3.

   Atlanta Constitution  Monday, March 27, 1905 Atlanta, Georgia
...I would prefer to be known as a LIVE COWARD rather than a DEAD HERO. You say.....the artistic AND literary of Boston AND New York the past foil AND winter..

   Nebraska State Journal  Saturday, June 17, 1899 Lincoln, Nebraska
...that he would much rather be a LIVE COWARD than a DEAD HERO. Instead of.....talking of DEAD statecraft, DEAD conditions AND DEAD statesmen AND..

   Nebraska State Journal  Tuesday, May 03, 1898 Lincoln, Nebraska
...slaters AND sweethearts that a LIVE COWARD Is worth more to them than a DEAD.....cities. It allows the men to ratrmin HERO for another week at Imist. AND thfn..

WHY HE LOST HIS BRIDE.; He Ran Away from Battle and Hid In a Hollow Log.
The Washington Post (1877-1954). Washington, D.C.: Feb 16, 1890. p. 9 (1 page):
"I'd rather a -- sight be a live coward than a dead hero."

(To be continued)

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