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>Lawyers who 'blawg'
>Jason Krause
>1,837 words
>1 March 2003
>ABA Journal

Law Practice Management, July/August 2002, Vol. 28; No. 5; Pg. 8
Denise Howell, a lawyer with Crosby Heafey Roach & May, has a weblog
called "Bag and Baggage" ( As of this writing,
she maintains the most exhaustive list of law blogs, which she calls
"blawgs." It includes the blogs of more than 35 judges, lawyers, law
students and law professors.

A quick search on Howell's page finds that she had started using the term
"blawg" frequently by April 2002:


April 04, 2002
Blawg Additions: Some cool blawgs join the roster today...

April 06, 2002
So staggering that my attempt to keep a comprehensive "blawg"-alogue
probably is doomed from the get-go.

--Ben Zimmer

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