neck-tie carnival

Michael McKernan mckernan at LOCALNET.COM
Wed Feb 9 09:11:31 UTC 2005

Seems to me that I have seen other instances of this euphemism for
lynching, but I can't place them...

Winfield Courier, February 1, 1883.
[Winfield Kansas]

>Our most excellent Sheriff's many warm friends in this community deeply
>regret the terrible calamity that has befallen him. They are highly
>incensed toward the
>heartless villain who so desperately attacked his life. It was a thousand
>pities that this embryonic desperado was not given the benefit of a
>neck-tie carnival. While
>we respect the law of the land, and believe in maintaining its dignity; at
>the same time we think it a wholesome idea to purify the country of
>atrocious, reckless,
>infamous dare-devils by summarily dispatching several of them in a manner
>that would be a forcible reminder and an impressive warning to bandits,
>outlaws, and
>vicious characters generally. It is to be hoped that Cowley County will
>not be thus ruthlessly deprived of her brave and noble Sheriff, and that
>the feelings of her
>honored citizens may not be sorely grieved by any sad ending of this
>tragical affair. HORATIUS.

Michael McKernan

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