necktie social (=hanging, 1888)

Barnhart barnhart at HIGHLANDS.COM
Wed Feb 9 13:46:18 UTC 2005

An Arizona Necktie Social.  “Hello!  What’s this?” asked a benevolent
resident of an Arizona town, as he came suddenly upon a necktie social in
full blast.
“Just stringin up a dude,” explained one of the party, as he took a better
hold on the rope.
“Wall, that’s nawthin’ to hang a man fer.”
“But he’s from Boston.”
“Wall, don’t hang the poor feller fer that.  Yer see he left the place.”
“An’ he’s stole a hoss.”
“So hev the most of us, pardners.”
“An’ he dropped Red Shirt Dick, this mornin’.  Killed him dead as a
“Oh, that nawthin’,” persisted the benevolent resident.
“An’ he sez eye-ther and nigh-ther.”
“You don’t say!” exclaimed the benevolent chap, excitedly.  “Up he goes!
Pull on that rope lively.”
Fitchburg Sentinel [Mass.] (, March 24, 1888, p 2

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