Rise, Sally, Rise (1883)

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A little more. You can listen to the songs on American Memory:

Little Sally Walker
Fisher, Wilford Jerome
Farr, Ruthie May

Sally Walker
Stripling, Sydney

MUSTANG SALLY: The man behind the song provides a ride down memory ...
... The chorus "Ride Sally ride" came courtesy of "rise Sally rise" from the Little
Sally Walker children's rhyme Rice liked while growing up in Clarksdale, Miss. ...
www.freep.com/news/metro/ dreamcruise/2002/sally16_20020816.htm - 16k - Cached - Similar pages

Gomme's lengthy analysis (pp. 167-179) takes the game
back to primitive (pre-Celtic) marriage ceremonies. The
marriage formula may belong rightly to this game, although
appearing in others.  The tune, she notes, is always the same
[or extremely similar at least] for the marriage formula,
"irrespective of that to which the previous verses are sung,
and this rule obtains in all those games in which this
formula appears--a further proof of the antiquity of the
formula as an outcome of the early marriage ceremony."
See FSJ pt. 28, 111-6.  Opies Singing Game (1985), 167 (no. 34),
"Sally Water", with foreign refs. (Canada, N.Z., etc.).  A
relative of some sort is "Little Alexander", q.v.

2. "The Babies on Our Block"
Music by David Braham
Lyrics by Edward Harrigan

This song was introduced in The Mulligan Guard Ball (1879). It remained a sentimental favorite with fans for years to come. This is the lyric as it appears in the original sheet music, published by Wm. A. Pond & Co. (NY) in 1879. The entire song is in 4/4 time.

Verse 1
If you want for information
Or in need of merriment.
Come over with me socially
To Murphy's tenement.
He owns a row of houses
In the first ward near the dock,
Where Ireland's represented
By the babies on our block.
There's the Phalens and the Whalens
>From the sweet Dunochadee,
They are sitting on the railings
With their children on their knee.
All gossiping and talking
With their neighbors in a flock
Singing "Little Sally Waters"
With the babies on our block.
'Oh little Sally Waters
Sitting in the sun
A-crying and weeping for a young man;
Oh rise, Sally, rise,
Wipe your eye out with your frock":
That's sung by the babies
A-living on our block.

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