like sardines in a can

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>Proquest is still down, but Cornell's Making of America has this:
>Conneau, Théophile.
>Captain Canot; or, Twenty years of an African slaver; 1854.
>Page 74
>I found it impossible to adjust the whole in a sitting posture; but we
>made them lie down in each other's laps, like sardines in a can, and in
>this way obtained space for the entire cargo.
>Also reprinted in:
>"Twenty Years in the Slave-Trade", p. 163
>The North American review. / Volume 80, Issue 166, January 1855

Sorry, the first citation is actually from Michigan's MoA database (which
has a book collection not available on Cornell's MoA).  And the author of
the book is actually Brantz Mayer, who based the work on Conneau's

--Ben Zimmer

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