"Target" as a French word?

James C Stalker stalker at MSU.EDU
Sun Feb 13 05:44:26 UTC 2005

I doubt that WalMart will ever get a Frenchified pronunciation.  Target and
Penney's are wannabe stores, catering to the lower middle to midmiddle
folks, like a lot of us who can't afford Bon Marche or Saks or other upper
scale stores.  French is fashion, really good stuff.  Hence, the sardonic
pronunciation of the wannabe stores.

Jim Stalker, that's Stalcaire! as in Bucket, aka Bouquet.

Paul Zebe writes:

> Can anyone tell me about "Target" (the store) pronounced as a French word?
> That pronunciation has reportedly been used in the Nashville area within the
> past 10 years.  Could it be a joke played on a New England schoolmarm by her
> Southern students?
> Curiously,
> Paul Zebe

James C. Stalker
Department of English
Michigan State University

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