"A nought;s a naught, and a figger's a figger" (1911)

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Sun Feb 13 08:39:31 UTC 2005

O.T.: That last post should have read "different American dialects," not
"American different dialects." I was in a tizzle.
"Documenting the American South" is a fine database from the University of
North Carolina-Chapel Hill. But how come it doesn't have "acka backa soda
cracker," I ask you?
A check for "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" reveals one collection of  songs...The
database did have this one:
by William Pickens
Boston: The Pilgrim Press

Page 26
than on the day of our arrival. And who could deny it? The white man did all
the reckoning. The negro did all the work. The negro can be robbed of
everything  but his humor, and in the bottom lands of Arkansas he has made a rhyme.
He says  that on settlement day the landowner sits down, takes up his pen and
reckons  thus:
"A  nought's a nought, and a figger's a figger -
All  fer de white man - none fer de nigger!"

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