CNN (Craven News Network); OT: Daily Candy

Mon Feb 14 20:57:53 UTC 2005

        In retailing, and I believe perhaps also in the restaurant business (which is a sufficiently affiliated industry that individual restaurants in a chain are sometimes called "stores), there is a distinction between a "soft opening" and a "grand opening."  The grand opening is the formal opening, advertised as such.  The soft opening is the beginning of an earlier period in which the store is open, but there is no advertising.  This initial period is used to address startup issues and to further train employees before the crush of customers occasioned by the grand opening.

John Baker

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How could this restaurant "open tonight" when I ate there on Saturday? (After visiting another restaurant that Daily Candy said was open but was not.) And how could it be a "small but bustling spot" if it hasn't opened? Just asking.

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