Re-Invent the Wheel (1964); NYC Subway Express/Local Anecdote (1913)

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>  edited by B. A. Botkin
>  New York: Random House
>  1957
>  [From GREENWICH VILLAGE, TODAY & YESTERDAY (1949), pp. 25-26--ed.]
>  Pg. 186: _Chinese Philosopher in the Subway_
>  [Said] the Chinese diplomat and philosopher, Li Hung-chang, [on his visit
> New York in 1896], when his official guide hurried him off one subway train
> into another a few feet away, "Why do we change?

This anecdote is suspect, at least as to the date, because the first "subway"
(the IRT line from City Hall to 145th Street) did not open until October 27,
1904.  If the incident described happened in 1896, then it occurred on the
"El".  The first elevated railroad or "El" in New York was opened in 1870.  The
Els used steam power until 1900, but did have express and local trains well
before 1896.

      - James A. Landau

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