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It's in today's Wall Street Journal. Whatever it means.

Europe Needs Bush Style Tax Cuts, Less Regulation, and Less ...
Here is some more from my friends at the Wall Street Journal: http://online.wsj.
com/article/0,,SB1108609359817­57416,00.html <quote> Cowboynomics February 17 ...
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Maybe Gerald Cohen has an opinion on this and wants to write a letter to the editor to the NY Times. The Times article mentioned "Fun City," but curiously left out the "Big Apple" that appears in almost every other article on Google News.

Hey, Gersh Kuntzman! About the Big Apple, the City's tourism bureau still gets it wrong, thirteen years later, and tomorrow is the anniversary of the February 18th "Around the Big Apple" column...

OK, back to work. Wish they'd give me air.
New York To Drop 'The Big Apple' For Another Nickname

POSTED: 6:40 am EST February 17, 2005

NEW YORK -- Forget "The Big Apple." New York now wants to be known as "The World's Second Home."

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