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Thomas Paikeday thomaspaikeday at SPRINT.CA
Fri Feb 18 14:58:15 UTC 2005

Dear Allan,

(1) I may be behind the times, but I have been wondering if there have been
any ADS newsletters since June 2003.

> ADS members will, of course, get paper copies, to be sent by first-class
> mail by the end of this week. (from below).

Is that still true?

(2) If I may ask a favour, do you think my query to Charles Carson appended
below was improper? If so, can you give me an unofficial nonbinding answer?
I just want to make sure I am not throwing away the few remaining copies of
the test printing of the dictionary.

Many thanks.


From: "Thomas Paikeday" <thomaspaikeday at>
To: <carson at>
Subject: May I?
Date: February 16, 2005 3:04 PM

Dear Dr. Carson,

Although I am a life member of ADS, I don't think we have met. I have been
leading a solitary life as a lexicographer.

As a life member, I don't get to see American Speech unless I pay for a
subscription which I haven't been able to afford as a senior on life
support. I can't even seem to be able to access the online journal. I wanted
to find out if you publish reviews of pedestrian works like American English
dictionaries for the masses. What I have in mind is my User's Webster
Dictionary which was test-marketed in a 2000-copy printing and is to be
formally launched soon, hopefully, by a commercial publisher. Instead of
sending you a review copy "over the transom" (and there are only a few
copies of the test printing left), I thought I might write and ask if you
will consider the dictionary for a review in AS. Actually , the complete
dictionary is online at I am merely asking if the book
qualifies, whether you decide to have it reviewed or not.

Thanks for a reply at your convenience.



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> Well! If you go to our website
> you'll find that the latest Newsletter of the American Dialect Society has
> been posted there. It's the May issue, admittedly a month late, but for
> the
> first time ever a May issue with the full programs for our four regional
> meetings
> in the fall, complete with abstracts. That was always a problem with the
> September issue, the meetings coming so soon after the date of issue, and
> the issue
> often missing its date. After only a quarter-century of contemplation,
> your
> editor has finally invented this improvement. What's more, along with the
> names
> of their authors the email addresses are provided, so you can get in touch
> with them.
>   And that's not all! but go to the website and note what further is
> available.
>   ADS members will, of course, get paper copies, to be sent by first-class
> mail by the end of this week.
> - Allan Metcalf, editor and ADS executive secretary

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