Dialects in film

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I understand that Dick Van Dyke's Cockney in "Mary Poppins" is regarded as appalling by many English people.

In fact, most stars before the age of intensive dialect coaching just muddled through "dialect" roles.  Kevin Costner (CA) was ridiculed for his "Hyannisport" accent in "Fourteen Days," but to a geezer saturated in the JFK era, he seemed OK.

Gwyneth Paltrow (CA / MA) as "Emma" ? She sure fooled me !


"Patti J. Kurtz" <kurtpatt4 at NETSCAPE.NET> wrote:
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Sender: American Dialect Society
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Subject: Dialects in film

Hi everyone. We've discussed films in which language features
prominently (esp. sci fi), but what I'm trying to compile is a list of
films in which the characters speak in dialects. (for example,
"Fargo") for my dialects class. I'd like names of both films that
represent regional or ethnic dialects accurately and those that don't,
since we're going to talk about dialects in the media at some point. I
can think of a few, but I'll bet some of you can think of more. And I'm
thinking more of movies (fictional) rather than films like "American

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated by me and by my
students, who are enjoying the course a lot!


Patti Kurtz
Minot State University

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