"Make me a malted" (1956); "Call me an ambulance" (1986)

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_Walter  Winchell . . . OF NEW YORK; Broadway Melody _
The  Washington Post and Times Herald (1954-1959). Washington, D.C.: May 24,
1956. p. 59 (1 page)
Miami Beach Vignette: A Bronx lady ( the look-a-like of Molly Goldberg) was
wandering along the beach and came across an old lamp...She didn't know it was
 Aladdin's...She picked it up--rubbed off the sand and a huge Genii
appeared...The frightened woman started to weep..."Don't be afraid," comforted  Mr.
Genii, "I am your servant. I will get you anything you want. Just name your
slightest desire"..."Please," she said, "make me a malted"..."Okay," was the
retort, "you're a Malted!"
_An  Author Takes His Book on the Road; A Book On the Road _
By E. Fuller Torrey The author, a Washington psychiatrist, toured  16 cities
to promote his book "Surviving Schizophrenia" (Harper & Row). Here  is his ac-
count of how he survived the tour:. The  Washington Post (1974-Current file).
Washington, D.C.: Apr 13, 1986. p.  BW1 (2 pages)
Pg. BWi, col. 1:
I WAS staring straight ahead at the Romper Room set, the big block
letters--J K L M N--on the wall. Any minute I expected to see Upoff round the  corner
("I'm sick. Could you call me an ambulance?") followed by Granny ("OK,  you're
an ambulance").

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