Dialects in film

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Has anyone mentioned Frank Sinatra from Hoboken, NJ?  Did he use his
native dialect in some of his gangster roles?


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>I agree about Pesci (Newark, NJ) and Tomei (NYC).
>Comic characters are hard to judge. Some of what seems to be their
>"accent" often comes from their exaggerated delivery.  Phonetically,
>though, these two are naturals.
>Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are New Yorkers too. So was John Garfield.
>Their screen accents are entirely authentic.  Holly Hunter is from
>Conyers, GA, and is also "real" in most of her roles.  Will Geer
>(Frankfort, IN) was certainly passable (to me) as Grandpa Walton of WV.
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>At 2/18/2005 09:56 PM -0600, Janis Vizier Nihart wrote:
>>Another movie I have enjoyed is Shipping News with Kevin Spacey.. I don't
>>know what dialect it is but its interesting. Can anyone tell me more
>Newfoundland. According to the DVD, the actor playing the cop/firefighter
>in yellow rain gear at the scene of the accident, which was Spacey's first
>reporting assignment, was a local. He also served as dialect
>coach. Anyway, the rest of the cast who are supposed to be locals do sound
>a lot like him. The producers and director speak with pride that the cast
>"nailed the accent."
>One of my favorite exaggerated MN accents can be found in the mouths of
>nearly all the characters in "Drop Dead Gorgeous" (1999) Actually, I have
>heard an accent that extreme in real life, but it was in central WI.
>I'll let others judge the accuracy, but I sure have fun listening to the
>Bronx or Brooklyn accents of Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei in "My Cousin
>Vinny" (1992).
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