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Sun Feb 20 10:55:13 UTC 2005

These are 100% accurate! It's Google News!
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_Southwest's arrival offers cheap  getaways_ 
Pittsburgh  Tribune-Review, PA -  <NOBR>Feb 18,  
... is the second-oldest  ballpark in the country. Fun fact: Chicago coined 
the term  "jazz" in 1914. When to book a flight: Check out ...  
_Gays must change attitudes that lead to dangerous  liaisons_ 
New York Daily  News, NY -  <NOBR>Feb 1
... Back in the 1960's, William Ryan of Boston College  coined the phrase 
"blaming the victim." It gave voice to a needed  concept, but it also silenced 
critics who ... 
_Why Baseball Should Let the Players Cheat_ 
Sports Central, VA -  <NOBR>Feb 17,
Former Arizona Cardinals head coach and  current Redskins coordinator Joe 
Bugle once coined  the phrase, "if you're not cheating, you're not trying." If  
that's ... 

_Two Big Bang Theory inspired Hawking on black  holes?_ 
International  Reporter, India -  <NOBR>Feb 16,  
... infinitely dense. "In 1967,  John Wheeler coined the term of "Black Hole" 
analyzing how a  star collapses to a singularity. Just after ... 
_'Ham and Eggs' Pension Plan Promised $30 a Week in  '30s_ 
Los Angeles  Times, CA -  <NOBR>Feb 1
... The Allens hired broadcaster and orator Sherman  Bainbridge as a 
promoter. Some say it was Bainbridge who coined  the "Ham and Eggs" slogan. ... 
_Tom Penders, coaching Cougars with heart of a  champion_ 
KHOU  (subscription), TX -  <NOBR>Feb 17,  
By Matt Musil / 11 Sports. It was Rudy  T. who coined the phrase, 'never 
underestimate the heart of  a champion.' The same could be said about Tom Penders. 
_Blogs muddy line between work and personal  thought_ 
Dallas Morning  News (subscription), TX -  <NOBR>Feb 12,  
... Blog-related terminations  have apparently occurred enough that there is 
even a word for it – getting  "dooced." Blogger Heather Armstrong coined the 
phrase in  ... 

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