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>   Subj:    "Hawkins" in Tamony papers; Big Apple Club (1934)
>   Date:    2/19/2005 7:40:36 PM Eastern Standard Time
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> TRAVEL: I will be in the Dominican Republic from February 20-27 with
> my sister. She goes there for treatments for her autistic son.
> Normally, I'd wish that my plane would crash, but my sister is
> actually worth more alive than dead.
> BIG APPLE-WORLD'S SECOND HOME: I wrote another letter to the New
> Orleans Times-Picayune about the Big Apple's origin there, and I asked
> them to honor the black stablehands (during Black History Month). I
> guess it wasn't good enough to be published (again)...I wrote a letter
> to the New York Times about the "World's Second Home." I said that
> "Big Apple" originally meant the pinnacle is sports. That wasn't
> published, either, although I received an e-mail from Ellis Hennican
> ("Why Apple?" his story went) that I should send it to Newsday...I
> inexplicably got thousands of hits on my web site yesterday for
> "World's Most Famous Arena." The entry is so old that it has "Welcome
> Republicans!" on it, from July 2004.
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> 7 July 1934, New York Amsterdam News, pg. 9, col. 1:
> "This Hectic Harlem" by Roi Ottley
> (...)
> The Big Apple has arrived and is worth your time.
> This is the earliest I have for the Big Apple Club (135th Street and
> 7th Avenue/Adam Clayton Powell Junior Boulevard).
> I had read the Amsterdam News for this period about fifteen years ago,
> but I went through the newspaper again briefly today. Roi Ottley
> called Harlem the "Coal Bin" (not in HDAS?). He also used terms like
> "Cornflakes Boulevard" (not in HDAS?). I'm looking for "Hawkins"
> somewhere in 1934.
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> Gerald Cohen helped to pay for this (I thought he would get a
> discount?) and it arrived today. Here goes:
> Here are the photocpies of the term "Hawkins" found in the Peter
> Tamony Collection (C3939). I did not photocopy any of the "Hawk"
> clipping because the majority of those referred to either the bird,
> military equipment, or to the Vietnam War with the term "hawks and
> doves". The charge for photocopying was credited to Gerald Cohen's
> account.
> Mary Beth Brown
> Manuscript Specialist
> Western Historical Manuscript Collection
> BroMary at umsystem.edu
> JIVE TALK (Regular column).
> MISTER HAWKINS--The wind, wintertime, cold weather, ice, snow.
> RHYTHM AND BLUES (Onyx Publishing Co., Derby, Conn.).
> December 1954: Vol. 1, No. 15, p. 20/1.

FWIW, Vol.1:no.1(?) claimed that Little Richard's real first name is
"Ricardo." However, nothing that I've read since (if there was anything
written about Little Richard's first name before the article in Rhythm
and Blues, I missed it) including the works of Little Richard himself,
has supported this assertion. Too bad, 'cause I was diggin "Ricardo."
It was different, but not freaky different. Gnome sane?

-Wilson Gray

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