"Coca-Cola"/"Coke" (in Tanzania) = something easy, a given, no problem

James C Stalker stalker at MSU.EDU
Thu Feb 24 05:08:08 UTC 2005

I remember an ad campaign for Coke which used the slogan "it's the real
thing."  Might derive from that, especially in a different language where
the translation of "real" might possibly include "given" or "true" or

Jim Stalker

Douglas G. Wilson writes:

>> When I was in Tanzania (TZ) I was speaking with my guide about all kinds
>> of cultural points of interest, and this came up in conversation around a
>> political race that was in progress at the time.  This particular
>> candidate was a sure thing for winning the seat.  Everyone knew it and
>> called it, "Coke."
> It sure looks like "cake": e.g., "This is a cake assignment", "It's a
> piece
> of cake", "It was no cakewalk". Offhand I don't know the etymological
> connection (if any) between "cake" and "cakewalk" here, and I don't know
> how "coke" is connected (if it is).
> -- Doug Wilson

James C. Stalker
Department of English
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