antecedent to modern bulldozer

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Sat Jan 1 05:01:15 UTC 2005

This interesting quotation suggests a new step in the development of the
word bulldozer:

"Bent the Car; A Huge Machine Comes to Town.  Part of Apparatus to Make
Trucks." Decatur [ILL.] Daily Review (, Sept. 9,
1903, p 2

The 60,000 pound "bull dozer" of the Tait Manufacturing company, mention a
few days ago as due to arrive this week, came Tuesday.  An idea of the
weight could be formed by looking at the flat car on which the bulldozer
came.  The big machine was placed in the middle of the car.  The floor was
good when the machine was loaded, but now the car is fit for the repair
shop. ... The bulldozer is to be used for bending steel rods.  It can bend
a piece of steel three by six inches, and probably more if the steel is

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