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Barry Popik wrote,  Dec. 31 2004:
[...] Happy new year everyone. Last year was pretty miserable and thankless. It
started with the Big Apple whores. It ended with me begging the Chicago Tribune
ombudsman to correct something that I never said, and to get credit for my
work  that was used. 2005 and the future will surely be even  worse.


    Hey, wait a minute. 2004 finally saw Barry receive journalistic credit for his outstanding work on "Windy City."
2004 also saw the appearance of _Origin of the Term "Hot Dog"_ (by Barry Popik, Gerald Cohen, and the late David Shulman)--again including Barry's outstanding research; 3/4 of the "hot dog" book contains material unearthed by Barry.
The "Big Apple" whore theory is clearly (to scholars, not to journalists) a hoax, but that matter will be properly dealt with in the second edition of _Origin of the NYC's Nickname "The Big Apple"_. Barry will be listed as co-author, and  this book should appear in 2005 or perhaps 2006.

    Then there was the NY Times article about Barry; I forget the exact date, but it appeared in 2004. The overall picture with Barry's research is that several of his favorite projects are coming to fruition, and I'm working at all deliberate speed to have his ads-l material appear in the working papers Comments on Etymology.  He already has the admiration of the scholars familiar with his work, and journalistic recognition is now also coming. (Don't forget Ed Zotti's excellent Wall Street Journal article about him a few years ago).

Gerald Cohen

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