Pinking Shears (1933)

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"Why is it called pinking shears?"
--Jerry Orbach on TNT's "Law and Order"  marathon
Damn you, TNT's "Law and Order" marathon! You know I'm  a sucker for watching
a dead New York actor!
So, what does the OED revision have for  "pinking shears" anyway? And where
does it say it's illegal to kill a  rent-controlled tenant who pays $300 a
month for three  bedrooms??
1962  House & Garden Dec. 55/2  Pair of pinking  shears. 1976 Evening Post
(Nottingham) 15 Dec. 21 (Advt.), Dress-making scissors, pinking shears, nail
scissors,  [etc.].
19 January 1935, Washington Post, pg. 13:
_Scissors That Pimk._
Women who are interested in sewing should give the new pinking shears a
rousing welcome. These are heavy but handy scissors arranged so that you can  pink
as you cut. With their aid you can cut out and pink a dress pattern all at
one time. Use of them automatically eliminates the necessity of under-sewing or
 French seaming.
Pinking, as any seamstress knows, prevents raveling and gives a smart  finish
to inside seams.
     _Sheboygan Press _
(  Tuesday, December 26,
1933 _Sheboygan,_
(  _Wisconsin_
...Co. Oflhkosh Paper Co......  Parker Co. PINKING SHEARS Corp Prultt. Inc.

_Oshkosh Northwestern _
(  Friday, December 20,
1935 _Oshkosh,_
(  _Wisconsin_
...Sewing boxes, sewing kits,  scissors, PINKING SHEARS, hat stands, clothes..

_Helena Independent _
(  Wednesday, April 10, 1935
(  _Montana_
...Styled at Moderate Ask to  See the New PINKING SHEARS Thin IK an every
nhop  or..

_Lima News _
(  Wednesday, February 27,
1935 _Lima,_
(  _Ohio_
(      ...and Scissors 95c and up  Wiss PINKING
SHEARS Kleinert's Dress Shields 2Sc  to.....Thread, (300 yard) lOc; 3 for 2Sc Wiss

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