A new equivalent of "Joe Blow"?

Mon Jan 3 17:45:04 UTC 2005

        There are no examples of Blomee as a surname on Westlaw and the Census Bureau doesn't recognize it as a surname, so it seems clear that it is not a frequent surname in the U.S., at least.

John Baker

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Here's at least a partial answer to Doug Wilson's query about people named
Blomee: We must be aware of the names containing a double entendre.  The
supposed "Haywood U. Blomee" is really "Hey, would you blow me" and "Hugo
N. Blomee" is "You go and blow me."  Now, with red flags popping up for
"Blomee" in these two cases, maybe "Christina Blomee" contains a similar
hidden salacious message. My immediate suspicion: "Christina, blow me in
Khao Lak." Of course the journalist didn't introduce this salacious
message; s/he merely found it somewhere, and accepted it at face value.

If "Blomee" is a frequent surname, I'll reconsider my last suggestion.

Gerald Cohen


-- Doug Wilson

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