A new equivalent of "Joe Blow"?

Mullins, Bill Bill.Mullins at US.ARMY.MIL
Mon Jan 3 22:08:41 UTC 2005

> HDAS examples of "Joe Blow" begin in the early '40s (unless
> Ben or Bill can push it back further).

A challenge!

"Writing for Money," Hardon, R. V., _The Nation_, 8/19/1925, p. 208/1
"Why, in one town in Iowa alone, there are 11 potential Mary Roberts
Rineharts, 7 James Branch Cabells, 4 almost-Ruby M. Ayerses, and 2 perfectly
good Zane Greys, with 118 scattering from Joe Hergesheimers to Joe Blows.
Don t lift the eyebrows over Joe Blow. You never heard of him before, but he
is the most widely printed fiction author in all America."

[Note also the suspicious last name of the author, "Hardon".  This was his
only article in _The Nation_, and in it he admits to having 21 pseudonyms.
Later in the article, he refers to "Broadway Johns" as stock characters in
pulp fiction.]

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