Anyone for _surf and turf_?

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Tue Jan 4 06:37:12 UTC 2005

I'd previously discussed "Surf and Turf," "Land and Sea," "Beef and Reef,"
and "Fin and Feather."
(I was going to revisit the subject for my food website, but I don't have a
food website, and I can't seem to even pay money to a web  designer for a food
website. I do parking tickets like I did today  from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.,
with a half hour lunch, in a room with unbearable heat  and no windows. 2005
really looks great.)
This has also been discussed before, by Gerald Cohen and the 19th century
baseball guys, I believe "murderers' row" might go back to NY's Tombs  prison.
>HDAS examples of "Joe Blow" begin in the early '40s (unless Ben or Bill  can
push it back >further). There is no evidence, but one is now led to  wonder
how many early users found it, >too, to be "unprintably"  vulgar.

Well, I'm not Ben or Bill, so nobody asked me. I was doing much of this
stuff eight years ago. I had posted a "Joe Blow" by Rube Goldberg from  the NY
Evening Mail, but I think that's destroyed in the old  archives.

"Joe Blow"--in the form that we know it and clearly not the name of a
person--appears in the "Circus" section of Barry Buchanan's 1930s unpublished
Encyclopedia of the Entertainment World.
A police guy before me today said that, when police radio to  report a crazy
person, they say they've got a "three-by-five"  (card).

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