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> "Vivid Vernacular Coined by Labor" Dec 1, 1955; Christian Science Monitor
> pg. B16/3
> "A pie card is a soft job, while therblig relates to time and motion study."

"therblig" was not "coined by labor"   I believe it was the deliberate
coinage by the husband-and-wife team of Frank and LIllian Gilbreth, who were
well-known pioneers in time-and-motion studies and industrial engineering (and
incidentally the inspiration for the recent movie "Cheaper by the Dozen".)

<begin quote>
THERBLIG, a unit of workplace efficiency, is a word created by spelling
approximately backwards the last name of engineer Frank B. Gilbreth and
psychologist Lillian Gilbreth. THERBLIG is not in MWCD10; the three words in MWCD10 that
were created as anagrams are SPANDEX (for "expands"), SIDEBURNS (for
"burnsides"), and ITACONIC ACID (for "aconitic acid," from "aconite.")
<end quote>


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