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> >Gullah Tours - Charleston, SC - Abridged Gullah Dictionary
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> >Glossary of Gullah Words taken from The Black Border by Ambrose E.
> >Gonzales
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> > Books: The Black Border: Gullah Stories of the Carolina
> >Coast
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> "Gullah" reminds me of "geechee." Among blacks in East Texas along the
> border with Louisiana, this term, _geechee_, is applied to blacks from
> Louisiana, particularly those who speak what's known to ETx blacks as
> "Gumbo French."  It also is applied to black Louisianans with French
> (sur)names, e.g. the bluesmen Clifton Chenier and Jean Baptiste "J.B."
> LeNoir, the jazzman Jean Baptiste "Illinois" Jacquet, the R&B singers
> the Trenier Twins and Antoine "Fats" Domino. Sometimes, merely speaking
> an obviously non-Texas dialect, such as that of New Orleans, is enough
> to render a person geechee. There's no opprobrium that attaches to
> being considered geechee,
> -Wilson Gray

According to the American Heritage Dictionary the word Geechee derives from 
Ogeechee  River.

Geechee. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth 
Edition. 2000. 

A snippet from the following website:

It is believed the name Ogeechee comes from the Muskogean word meaning "River 
of the Yuchis," which was an Indian tribe that lived near the river. 

Sherpa Guides | Georgia | Coast | Savannah | Ogeechee River

Map of the Ogeechee River:

Sherpa Guides | Georgia | Coast | Ossabaw Island

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