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Sorry Wilson,

Didn't mean to bum you out. This topic
always brings up a lot of baggage.
I run a mailing list called CreoleTalk
for Linguists from all over the world
interested in creole & dialect speakers.

I used to live on St. Croix, USVI teaching
elementary school.  see:


> > Some of the resources below may be of interest.
> >
> > Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas [is/was] a Gullah speaker.
> > (12/14/00) issue of the New York Times in Thomas's own words
> > "When I was 16, I was sitting as the only black kid in my class, and I
> > had
> > grown up speaking a kind of a dialect. It's called Geechee.
>it's too bad that you had to bring up the man once lampooned -
>correctly, in my opinion - as "The yard-jockey of the Republican
>right." It's spoiled my whole day.;-) What a bringdown! Starting from
>the age of *13*, I, too, "was sitting as the only black kid in my
>class, and I had grown up speaking a kind of dialect." Additionally, I
>was also only one of seven blacks among 800 students. I'll stop here.
>As the blues song puts it, "Don't start me to talkin', 'cause I'll tell
>everything I know. I'll talk about [him] low-down an' dirty an' every
>word I say will be true."
>-Wilson Gray
> >
> >
> > <snip>
> >
> > "Gullah, a word derived perhaps from Angola, draws to some degree on
> > amix
> > of West African languages like Ewe, Ibo and Yoruba."
> >
> > African Languages
> >
> >
> > World Creoles
> >
> >
> > American Virgin Islands Creole
> >
> >
> > best,
> > Karen Ellis

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