"I must, I must, I must increase my bust" (1970)

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My wife's version, which was sung by nearly all the girls in the locker room, so she says)  was
We must, we must
increase the size of our bust
the bigger the better
the tighter the sweater
the boys depend on us

I about fell off my chair the first time she sang that to me. My wife is about the LAST person in the world to know and sing such a song.  The second to last person is her sister, who  was able to sing the song with vigor only a few months ago.  They were in school over 20 years ago. So, I guess it's a pretty well know little ditty. If my wife and her sister know it, everyone must!
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> I remember it with "develop" instead of "increase", and probably from
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> sixties.
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I had never heard of this at all, till my wife mentioned it, one time.
And, even after that, I had only the impression that it was just
something that she and her girl friends had made up as they approached
puberty back in the late '50's. But it turns out to be known by women
from all over the country.

Who'd a thunk it?!

-Wilson Gray

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