Texas Twang in the Chicago Tribune

Wilson Gray wilson.gray at RCN.COM
Thu Jan 6 22:09:14 UTC 2005

I found the article on the Tribune's Web site. Very interesting! I'll
buy the book, when it becomes available. Needless to say, I still
haven't heard "y'all" used as a singular, but I'm willing to grant that
that may be an age-related factor. Or it may be geographically
constrained, given that none of the locations cited in the article is
in East Texas.

FWIW, I once worked for twelve years with a white colleague from
Lubbock. He didn't speak with a Southern drawl. Rather, he sounded like
a cowboy in a 'Forties horse opera. On the other hand, I've met
Northerners who don't even know the meaning of the word "drawl," even
though, in one case, the person, a Vermonter, had a step-family from
North Carolina whose members spoke with a very noticeable drawl. So who
knows what struck the reporter as being a drawl?

-Wilson Gray

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> Today's Chicago Tribune (section 1, page 1!) has an article about
> work by Guy Bailey and Jan Tillery on Texas English ("TXE"). Part of
> the article discusses the Texan use of "y'all" used in the singular.
> Barbara Need
> UChicago--Linguistics

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